The Sim

Ginny Gordon was the youngest of the four children of Generation Six. She has two older brothers and one older sister, Harry, and the twins Remus and Luna. She is dramatic, eccentric, athletic, and ambitious.




She was well looked after if mostly left to her own devices, as all legacy children are. The simple fact of the matter was that her siblings were all far more distinct in their personalities than our dear Ginny, who bore a strong resemblance to her Grandmother Mia and Great Grandmother Lyra.


She also spent a large amount of time doing her own thing and as a result ended up without much screen time.


She’d only been a Teen for a short time before the Heir Poll was announced (all three siblings were YAs and strong contenders so it couldn’t really wait for her) and was left without much of a hope of winning. She did, however, manage to score one vote, which was one vote more than Harry and Luna (Remus had all other six votes to himself).

She had a few age-up glitch issues, which resulted in her breaking the game twice and I ultimately made the choice to object:delete her. But let’s supposed I didn’t do that, and instead imagine that she simply ran away from a house where she was a continuously in the shadow of her siblings, and where she would eventually be kicked out and only invited back for parties.