Time Take Two Years

Ginny: Pulling up to the house that night, I really couldn’t believe that we’d made it. But it was real and it was here and we were going to spend the rest of our lives here. It wasn’t a house and a fortune just handed down to me, simply for the fact I was born, but it was something that I had worked hard for and earned myself.

Ginny: We hadn’t been able to buy it fully furnished, but I was just so excited to finally have my own house that I didn’t care. Morrigan may have minded a little bit, but she was so happy to see me so happy, that she played along and we camped out on our new bedroom floor.

Ginny: Morrigan woke early that day (I assume due to the hard floor, but I was very used to it by now!) and made us breakfast!

Ginny: It was a very surreal feeling, eating real food in a house after so long. Morrigan had work that day – you’d think the CEO could take off whatever days she liked, but apparently not! – leaving me all alone in the house. It felt so big and so empty, especially without Morrigan in it.

Ginny: I tried keeping myself occupied by starting a new garden, but as all I had to was plant it could only take up so much of my day.

Ginny: I spent the rest of the day working out, working on my skills for my job and just generally distracting myself from everything.

Ginny: Morrigan came home from a stressful day and spent some time reading in the little book nook. It was strange, but peaceful, and I can honestly say that I really enjoyed our first day here.

Ginny: Morrigan’s paycheck from that day even allowed us to get our new bed! Morrigan suggested that we went for a woodsy, outdoor theme which I was supremely grateful for. I would have never thought of it myself, but it made me feel more at home here.

I was surprised about the bed. It wasn’t unbearably soft, like I’d expected, but it still wasn’t great.

Ginny: It was amazing living with Morrigan. Time was flying, I was getting promotions left right and centre. I was no longer a toddler coach or even just considered a rookie anymore. I was a starter. I was on the pitch, playing games! It was hard work, but it was so rewarding.

All of my dreams were finally coming true. Well, except one. And I planned to change that.

Ginny: With all my promotions and my starting bonus, I’d been able to finally buy the ring I’d had my eye on.

I’d planned to try and set up a perfect ‘romantic moment’, but after coming home one day and just… couldn’t help myself.

Ginny: Thankfully, she said yes!

Ginny: And then, uh, we christened the shower.

Ginny: As money started coming in more and more, we were able to buy new things for the house, like a computer! I mostly tried avoiding using the internet though, other than for fan interaction. I still wasn’t sure whether I wanted to see my family or not, so I generally tried to stay away from anything that they might see.

I know they didn’t watch the news or were into sports, so I was probably safe, but I just wanted to make sure. I wasn’t sure. Not yet.

Ginny: We also bought a Gnubb set! It was nice to have something fun to do other than gardening, working out, and watching TV. I got pretty good!

Ginny: And then I found myself throwing up a lot. Not just in the morning, but at all different times.

It was frustrating to have to take time off work, especially when my career was just starting to pick up, but I had my suspicions and if they were true, it was going to be worth it.

Ginny: My suspicions were true! Morrigan and I were going to have a baby!

Ginny: She was thrilled!!

Ginny: Work was pretty helpful, they obviously had to remove me from the pitch, but they let me coach the youth team until I took my maternity leave.

Ginny: My pregnancy was largely uneventful; Morrigan and I just played a lot of Gnubb! She’s really, really bad, and it was kind of cute.

Ginny: Morrigan’s birthday came around while I was pregnant, too!

Ginny: She didn’t really want to make a big deal out of it, but I had an idea.

Ginny: We got officially married!! In a private ceremony, just us and the baby. Everything I could’ve wanted, and more.

Ginny: Almost two years had passed since we’d moved into the new house – though I don’t think I could call it new anymore! I was definitely ready to stop being pregnant, though, and meet our little baby!

But I still had a couple months left!

Ginny: Morrigan continued to practise Gnubb (and continued being really bad at it)!

Ginny: And I continued to keep my little garden going. My favourite thing about being here was definitely being able to hear Morrigan practising her Gnubb throws, especially when she accidentally hit herself with the baton.

Ginny: And then, it was finally time!!



2 thoughts on “Time Take Two Years

  1. raymondsanti August 13, 2018 / 7:42 pm

    Can’t wait to see their baby!! These two just constantly playing Gnubb was adorable 🙂


  2. somebodysangel13 August 14, 2018 / 12:38 pm

    Lol, Morrigan hit herself with the Gnubb baton, too cute. I love how attracted sims are to that thing, it’s excellent.


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