Welcome to my very first Runaway Teen Challenge! I am DSLady, the author of numerous failed legacies, one in progress legacy, and one in progress EPIC challenge. Why am I taking on something else, I hear you ask? Well, I have no answer. Go big or go home?

The official rules of the Runaway Teen Challenge are here, but I will copy&paste an abbreviated version of them at the bottom of the page here for your ease of viewing. Because I’m nice like that. I’ve fluffed a few already, but I’m going to elaborate on that!

The sim that I’m using for this challenge isn’t one that I made specifically, but my glitched legacy spare! In reality, I had to delete her because she made my game crash, but then I was introduced to this challenge by my friend and I figured that this would be the perfect ‘reason’ for why she disappeared and was never seen again!

The challenge is set in Dragon Valley, because I adore that place and the sims in it! Ginny herself was born in Sunset Valley so I couldn’t set up there, and the Gordons originated from Isla Paradiso so I couldn’t go there either.

This is her ‘official’ legacy look, with her teen traits and favourites;



  • You cannot build any kind of shelter for yourself until you have earned the money to do so. – I’ve already fluffed this one; I put Ginny onto a small lot outside the city, as you’re supposed to, but I turned it into a sort of abandoned fishing post. There’s a shack with an outside shower and a toilet in, just because it’s bloody hard having to run back and forth from town every time she needs to pee!
  • You cannot have any electronics or appliances, or cell phone access (put it on silent), until you have a house.
  • You cannot have a part-time job until you are a Young Adult. You can’t have a full-time job until you have a house.
  • You cannot cook/shower/etc on other people’s lots or interact with anyone until you’re a YA. You’re a runaway, they’ll report you as such, right? You can interact with children, teens, or pets.
  • You can shower and use the restroom at any public place, such as the fire station or gym. –  She has an outside shower & ‘chamber pot’ on her lot, because while this is a nice and realistic idea, it’s impractical for the game.
  • You can use the fridge at the fire station one day a week (up to 3 times) for snacks (steal too much food and you’ll get caught).
  • You can start buying food from the food truck, concession stands, vending machines, diner, etc. once you have 500 simoleons saved up. But only every other day.
  • You can dumpster dive, rummage through trash cans, and salvage furniture. You CANNOT replace the ruined furniture by clicking on it and clicking ‘replace’.
  • Your main food sources are plants and vegetables that you grow yourself, but you can harvest wild ones if you want. No special plants allowed.
  • You can fish all you want, and sell those to the grocer.
  • You can use a taxi. You should buy a pink flamingo decoration with each taxi ride, which is worth 5 simoleons, and put it in your family inventory each time you use a taxi. You can never access these. – I’m just not going to use the taxi, she’s athletic so she can jog.
  • You can buy a bike when you have the money, but no car.